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My-Vox Voice Recorder HS1

Mon Dec 18, 2000 - 12:28 PM EST - By Tom Balkos

How many times have you thought of something while on the drive home? Or wanted to remind your self about something, however, writing in your Visor was just not practical at the moment? Times like these made me want a voice recorder module almost from the first day I owned my Visor.

The My-Vox Digital Voice Recorder HS1 from Singapore Shinei Sangyo Pte. Ltd. allows the user to record up to 8 minutes of anything they wish and save recordings using personal customization of titles and categories. It ships with the My-Vox application and the File Mover application, to allow users to utilize 127KB of space on the module for storage in flash memory.

Physical Specifications

The My-Vox is a standard sized module (55 mm x 57.5 mm x 10 mm) which allows you to snap on the protective cover to the back of your Handspring PDA. There is a slightly raised area around the headphone jack, but it doesn't hinder the placement of the protective cover. This also means that any case, that allows use of the top of a springboard module, should be just fine with the My-Vox.

As mentioned, the top of the module has an headphone jack (for the supplied 'bud' earphones) and a 'Hot Recording Button' which allows you to start, and stop, recording without starting the My-Vox application. The back of the module has circular cut-outs for the speaker.

The module uses the built in microphone on your Handspring PDA.

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Product Info
Name my-Vox HS1
Company Shinei Technologies
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