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How is the Visor Edge different from the other Visor models?

The Edge is a stylish thinner monochrome Visor with functionality and specs similar to the Visor Platinum, and a rechargeable Li-ion battery.

More Information

The Edge is Handspring's first monochrome PDA with a rechargeable Lithium battery (which should last weeks for the light user), and it comes in a sleek 1.1 cm thick form factor, which makes it just a shade thicker than the Palm Vx. Like the other Visors, the IR window is still located on the left side, albeit lower down. The Edge has a hinged metal cover, and the silo for the metal stylus is located only on the right side. The classic design is all silver, but it is available also in metallic blue or metallic red.

Despite its depth (or lack thereof) it can still use standard Springboard modules, with the help of a snap-on adapter. However, modules dedicated for the Edge are also an option. Cradles from other Visors cannot be used with the Edge, because of the different form factor and the requirement for a recharging function.

Like the Platinum and colour Prism, the Edge uses the faster Motorola 33 MHz Dragonball VZ CPU and the newer Palm OS 3.5.2H. This is in contrast to the slower Visor Deluxe which uses the older Palm OS 3.1H. However, the Edge is also the most expensive of the monochrome Visor line. The Edge is not available with a colour screen.

The Edge includes two functions not found on the other units. It has the Fast Lookup feature, which allows searching through the contact database using the application buttons only, and it has a silent flashing alarm.


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