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Tue May 22, 2001 - 11:14 PM EDT - By Mark Pierson

Back when the Visor was first introduced, there was a lot of discussion about the snap-on cover supplied by Handspring. Most people liked the protection it offered but did not appreciate having to fumble around while removing it and placing it on the back of the Visor. There were numerous complaints about the upper retention slot developing cracks as well.

While we saw a variety of Visor cases arrive on the market, there were a great many people (myself included) that longed for a simple flip-type cover that would allow the Visor to be safely carried in a pocket or bag without the additional bulk of a carrying case.

FlipCover has taken the original snap-on hard cover design and improved it. The FlipCover is actually a modified Springboard slot cover, a hinge, and the cover itself. Together, they create a secure, snap-on cover that has the added benefit of being able to swing fully around to the backside of the Visor.

The FlipCover fits the Visor, Visor Deluxe, and Visor Platinum. It is available in same 5 colors as the VDx (graphite, ice, blue, green, and orange). The Visor Prism, having a totally different casing than the other models, requires a slightly modified hinge linkage in order to work. Currently, a Prism FlipCover is available, but only in black. Platinum and Cobalt Blue should be available shortly. All of the components are also available seperately so you can buy several different colors (or combinations of different ones) to suit your tastes.

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Product Info
Name FlipCover
Company DesignOvation
Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Ice, Orange
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