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Don't look directly into your stylus!

Sat Jul 13, 2002 - 10:58 PM EDT - By Kenneth Crandall

The Pen/Stylus

Laser pointers are a fairly new and useful technology, which have dropped quite significantly in price over the last few years. Now, standalone laser pointer keychains are available for under $10. Laser pointers are convenient for teachers or for any type of presentation. If you write, have a PDA, and give presentations, the Infiniter 3P is for you. It combines a stylus, pen, and laser pointer all in one.

The pen works like any other pen stylus combination. To change between the two tips, simply rotate the lower portion of the pen. The pen comes standard with black ink. However, you can purchase refill ink in black, blue, red, and green. Simply pull on the bottom to replace the ink.

The Laser

The top of the pen contains the housing for the laser pointer and the batteries which operate the pointer. A laser is a device that controls the way energized atoms release photons; LASER is an acronym which stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. I could go into a detailed explanation of the relationship between quantum mechanics and how laser radiation works. However, it is much simpler to say that a laser is a very intense focused beam of light energy.

The type of laser you find in this pen is very typical for a laser pointer. It operates at a wavelength of 650nm, giving this laser a range of about 500 yards (1,500 feet). It requires 3 small LR41 batteries, which is a lot considering they only provide around 30 minutes of continuous use and cost around $5.00 for the three. One drawback of lasers is that they draw a lot of power; but, try lighting up something 1,500 feet away with your mag-lite.

To operate the laser, simply press the button to the right of the clip. To open the compartment and change the batteries, unscrew the top. Also, when you replace the batteries they rest face up in the compartment.

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Product Info
Name Infiniter 3P Stylus/Pen/Laser Pointer
Company Infiniter
Laser Range 1500 ft (500m)
Laser Battery Life 30 Hours Continuous
Laser Color Red
Length 5 3/4 in.
Weight 1.5 oz.
Ink Colors Available Black/Blue/Red/Green
Fact Sheet & User Opinions
$25.99 (At

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