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Quicksheet 5.0

Sun Jul 23, 2000 - 10:20 PM EDT - By Douglas Morse

QuickSheetAs I began experimenting with Quicksheet, I had a gut feeling of what my response would be: amazed.  The first good sign was the installation. Simple, clear. Quicksheet will work as a stand alone application, but like the basic Palm OS applications (address, calendar, to do, memo) it really is only a supplement to a desktop application. Quicksheet works only with Excel the program that stole the spreadsheet crown from Lotus 1-2-3 way, way back .

The installation program asks if you want to work with Excel 5.0, 95, 97 or Excel 2000. This review is based upon Quicksheet 5.0.2 and Excel 2000. Upon installation, Quicksheet installs a menu into Excel, allowing you to save worksheets to sync with Quicksheet. Included is a Quicksheet desktop application that allows you to manage your files.

Some of QuickSheet's formulasThe first thing I did was test exporting a spreadsheet to my Visor. Following the directions from the clearly written manual (Adobe PDF file or Word 97), I opened up a spreadsheet I used to calculate students grades last semester. I saved it as a Quicksheet document and after I performed a hotsync, the file was on my handheld! And I could edit it. I synched again and the changes appeared in my Excel worksheet. Quite amazing.

Now the power of this program is far beyond what a user like myself needs. Quicksheet seems to support a myriad of spreadsheet functions and has MultiMail Pro support so you can e-mail spreadsheets between handhelds.  I suppose the really intrepid might want to beam data back and forth, and this very complete program would allow them to do just that.

The AdultererBut for people like me, beaming data might not be the best use of this program.  What Id like to do is walk through a real world use of Quicksheet, utilizing it in such a way as to make my life easier -- and at this time, I just happen to have the perfect opportunity to do so.  .Ive been working on a feature film entitled The Adulterer, and we're almost finished.  Yet, finishing costs are daunting. Ive been dealing with various labs around town, getting price quotes on the blow up from super-16 to 35mm. There are a lot of cost variables, and the numbers Ive gotten have been confusing.

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