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Slipper VSR

Thu Mar 1, 2001 - 9:39 AM EST - By Mark Pierson


A big feature everyone wants in a case is the ability to HotSync without removing the Visor. The original Slipper had a cutout at the bottom along with one on the back to accommodate placing it in the cradle. Many users reported difficulty in using it this way though I never really had a problem. The new VSR does not have the cutouts, but instead has a zipper that runs down one side, across the bottom, and then up the other side. To HotSync, you unzip, fold back the flap, and place it in the cradle. While this is a nice feature, I'll be honest and say I found it much easier to simply remove the Visor completely for syncing. The zippered flap does allow access to the battery compartment so batteries can be changed without removing the case. Users of the FullCharge rechargeable battery pack can also recharge in the case, though the zippered flap combined with the FullCharge clip can be a little awkward to hold. Not having the HotSync cutout also precludes use of a serial or USB cable, or a keyboard without opening the zippered flap.

The high tech belt clip option uses a sturdy metal button sewn into the rear of the case. The belt holder itself it plastic but holds up rather well. The case "locks" into the clip requiring that you push the release button to remove it. For those of you who like to carry your Visor on you hip, this is a nice feature since it allows the case to rotate. I, however, was very uncomfortable when using the case with the wallet and carrying it on my belt. For me, the Slipper VSR is better suited to be carried in a pocket (not a rear one, and preferably in a jacket). The thought of my cash and credit cards swinging from my belt is not an appealing one.

Using the Visor while in the Slipper VSR not a problem. The case allows full access to the LCD and hardware buttons. There can be a slight shadow cast on the screen from the cutout, but only a slight adjustment in your viewing angle will overcome this. While the VSR isn't a padded case, it does seem to offer a moderate level of protection in case of accidental drops.

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Product Info
Name Slipper VSR
Company E&B Company
Colors: Black / Burgundy
Size: 5.0x3.2x1.5in
Fact Sheet & User Opinions
$52.95 (With Clip)
$49.95 (No Clip )

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