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SplashPhoto 2.1 released

Sat Apr 7, 2001 - 4:08 PM EDT - By Marcus Adolfsson

SplashData has released SplashPhoto 2.1, a photo viewer for Palm OS handhelds. SplashPhoto displays color and gray-scale images on a Palm as thumbnails, individually or in a slide show. The software is fast, easy to use, and displays great looking images.

The upgraded version now includes a desktop image editor (for Mac and Windows) that allows users to crop, zoom, rotate and enhance images prior to uploading them to a Palm.

The desktop image editor also allows users to modify image names and categories and to mark images as private. The Palm application now includes dialogs for easier categorization, deletion and beaming of images. And support has been added for gray-scale devices running Palm OS 3.1, such as the Handspring Visor and Visor Deluxe.

More information or a trial can be downloaded at


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