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Updated software for the eyemodule2

Wed Apr 11, 2001 - 11:06 PM EDT - By James Hromadka

Looks like this is "Hotsync your updated apps" week. A new software update for the eyemodule2 has been released, as well as conduit updates for the Windows and Mac platforms.

Here is an overview of the fixes/new features:
eyemodule2 updater
* Fixes occasional bug where image size is over 300K
* Fixes occasional hang on "Capturing..." screen
* Improves auto-exposure
* Improves camera responsiveness
* Better battery performance on 3.1 devices
* Added standard text edit functions and Graffiti help to menus
* Fixes minor bugs and layout errors

eyecontact update
* Supports beaming color thumbnails between Prisms
* Fixes eyemodule2 database category bug
* Added "Beam eyecontact" to the Address List Options menu

eyemodule2 PC conduit update
* Conduit now recognizes capital letter file extensions (.JPG and .JPEG)

eyemodule2 Mac conduit update
* Conduit now recognizes .jpgs created by other graphics programs
* Other minor bug fixes

Discuss the update here.


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