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Sony's new Clié available for preorder

Wed May 2, 2001 - 10:18 AM EDT - By VisorCentral Staff

Sony are now taking pre-orders for their new Sony Clié PEG-N710C.

The new Clié is almost identical to the Japanese version (PEG-N700C), with the main difference being the US version can play MP3 files in addition to ATRAC3. Smart move Sony!

Additional features:

- Built-in audio player
Supplied with stylish headphones and remote controller
Compatible with both MP3 and ATRAC3 audio formats
Plays audio files stored on Memory Stick® media
Up to 11 hours of continuous audio playback with a fully charged battery (with LCD turned off.)
OpenMG™ Jukebox application is supplied to manage digital audio content on your PC.

- High-resolution color display
High-resolution screen (320 x 320 pixels) shows images in fine detail.
Reflective TFT display with front lights for excellent visibility both indoors and outdoors.

- Memory Stick expansion slot
Virtually unlimited and versatile storage for applications, data, and AV content. 8MB Memory Stick media supplied.

- Jog Dial™ navigator
Access your information on the fly with the easy-to-use Jog Dial navigator (Simply scroll and click.)

- Video player and image viewer software
PictureGear™ Pocket applications allows you to view high-resolution digital images on your CLIE handheld.
Watch video clips in the palm of your hand with gMovie™ video player.


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