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More on OS X Support

Mon May 7, 2001 - 7:33 PM EDT - By James Hromadka

Classic baaaad, Cocoa goooodIt's been a while since I posted Handspring's statement on upcoming OS X support, the company has confirmed that HotSync™ does work in Classic mode, so that should tide you over while we're waiting (im)patiently for a carbonized version of the Palm Desktop. Handspring has in its FAQ the following entry regarding OSX compatibility:

Handspring has tested the Macintosh Palm Desktop (version 2.6.1) for Handspring Visor handhelds with Mac OS X and found it to be functional while running in the Classic environment. Testing was done with the Gold Master version of Mac OS X. The Classic environment was loaded with Mac OS 9.1.

Since the HotSync Manager appears to take slightly longer to recognize a handheld while running in the Classic environment under Mac OS X, it is possible that a HotSync operation could fail to initiate on older or slower Macintosh computers. Handspring will be working with Palm and Apple to correct any problems.

There is currently no support for a native Mac OS X version of Palm Desktop. Handspring is working closely with Palm and Apple to provide such support in the future.

Use of a Serial Cradle is currently untested and unsupported by Handspring under Mac OS X.
There you have it. I am running Mac OS X classic-free and am refusing to run Palm Desktop until there is a version for OS X. Hurry up Handspring! :)


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