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Canada's CompuCentre and CompuSmart added to retail outlets

Fri May 18, 2001 - 11:49 AM EDT - By Marcus Adolfsson

Handspring today announced a distribution agreement with Hartco to extend the retail distribution of its popular line of Visor handheld computers and Springboard expansion modules.

The company also announced that Blazer, its fast new web browser for Palm OS-based handhelds is available immediately to Canadian customers online through Handango and Palmgear for approximately $29.95 Canadian.

The retail agreement with Hartco will put Visor products in CompuCentre and CompuSmart retail stores.

Handspring initiated distribution in Canada nine months ago when it began selling its products in Future Shop and The Business Depot Ltd., which operates across Canada as Staples, Business Depot, Staples Business Depot and Bureau en Gros.

All new distribution partners will sell the full line of Visor handhelds, starting at an estimated retail price of $250 Canadian, as well as select Springboard modules and accessories.

"As a result of the Visor's easy configuration capability and plug-and-play expandability, these handhelds and Springboard expansion modules are increasingly appealing to consumers and businesses alike," said Jim Mandala, director of Canadian sales for Handspring, Inc. "This announcement today marks the beginning of our expanded focus on the Canadian market, where we plan to continue adding new reseller partners and building a foundation for introducing wireless voice and data capabilities for our Visor customers."


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