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Update on module contest

Wed May 30, 2001 - 1:42 PM EDT - By James Hromadka

Back in late January Handspring announced with Xilinx a Springboard module design contest. We have an update for you today -- here are the ten finalists alphabetized by product name:
  • George Kaldis - Automotive Scan Tool
  • The Vezmen Project - The Chatterbox
  • Frog EE Design Team - Cool Trak
  • Tony Pittner - Fingerprint Display & Storage
  • Lott & Jones - Handheld 1553 Data Bus Analyzer
  • Steve Haynal - Musical Instrument Tuner
  • Terry Carpenter - Pocket Logic Analyzer
  • Todd R. Strope - Pocket MIDI Recorder/Sequencer
  • SAM Team (Dspfactory) - Sonic Access Module
  • Sound Design Ideas - Sound Bouncer
Looks like some very interesting products! Now that the ten finalists have been determined, each team must implement their design using a special Xilinx CoolRunner™-based Development Board by July 31. The Grand Prize Winner will be announced at the end of August.


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