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New software updates

Wed Jun 20, 2001 - 9:38 PM EDT - By James Hromadka

Here are a few software updates to brighten your day...

iambic has released Action Names® Datebook 4.61. Action Names is a DateBook replacement (duh) with new features including grouping by "custom" fields in the contact view, more snooze options for alarms, improved Graffiti short-cut support, and more. Current owners get a free upgrade, otherwise Action Names is a $19.95 download.

PrintBoy, the perennial printing software from Bachmann Software, now supports printing from MiniCalc spreadsheets as well as Quicksheet documents. Hopefully Bachmann will add support for iambic TinySheet soon so all the major spreadsheet applications are covered.

Chapura, maker of the Outlook conduit that is included with almost all PalmOS-compatibles, now has a 3.0 international version of PocketMirror. The software is for German, Spanish, French, Italian and Japanese users. Chapura also has released Jibe ($19.95), an Outlook Express conduit for Windows users.


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