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WordSmith 2.0 released

Tue Jun 26, 2001 - 12:36 PM EDT - By James Hromadka

Blue Nomad released today version 2.0 of WordSmith, the venerable word processing application for the Palm operating system.

The most notable new feature is FineType, an innovative display option for Palm-based documents that makes text crystal clear and sharper than ever.

WordSmith 2.0 also offers full bookmark support, the ability to create new bookmarks, and the ability to go to, count, hide or show bookmarks. In addition, with Version 2.0 users can preserve, edit, and create new footnotes, endnotes and comments, and can preserve page setup (i.e., paper sizes, page orienta­tion, margins) and default language as well. The feature-packed WordSmith 2.0 also provides a greatly enhanced find & replace feature that is significantly faster, and which offers a new search progress meter, a “replace all” option, and the ability to cancel search and replace all operations. Other refinements include improved support for the onscreen keyboard, and more display options, including the ability to “archive” documents, hide or show archived documents and the tags (icons) for bookmarks, comments, footnotes, images, tables, and more.

WordSmith 2.0 will be available in July for $29.95. A free trial version is currently available.


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