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NS Basic/Palm 2.0 Available

Tue Jul 24, 2001 - 7:27 PM EDT - By Marcus Adolfsson

NS BASIC Corporation today announced the immediate availability of NS Basic/Palm 2.0. The new version features a greatly enhanced IDE as well as other features. Enhancements include multiple code windows, quicker development and a standard properties dialog. There are numerous usability improvements.

"NS Basic has always been one of the most popular and easy to use ways to develop apps for Palm OS devices", said George Henne, President of NS BASIC Corporation. "This new version makes it faster and easier than ever. If you're used to designing apps using Visual Basic, you'll find it a snap to use."

Other new features include support for Symbol barcode and HandEra devices, new bit manipulation, conversion and encryption functions, better desktop debugging and support for running under Linix and VMWare.

NS Basic allows developers who program with tools such as Visual Basic to use their experience to program Palm OS devices. It is a complete, powerful development environment enabling the rapid development of applications with a true Palm look and feel. NS Basic includes features such as databases, serial and IR communications, signature capture and more.

NS Basic also announced new pricing today. The list price of the NS Basic/Palm 2.0 is $149.95. A Summer Special sets the price at $99.95 until September 1. Enterprise licenses, allowing multiple users at the same site, were also announced.

NS Basic/Palm is available immediately from the company and its resellers. Reduced cost upgrades are available to existing users.


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