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Matchbook Products in liquidation

Thu Aug 9, 2001 - 11:18 AM EDT - By Marcus Adolfsson

MatchBook Products, maker of the MatchBookDrive compactflash adapter for the Visor handheld computer, announced today that effective immediately it is liquidating its inventory and will then cease operations.

"This has become necessary due to current economic conditions," said Keith Hudson, manager of MatchBook Products. "For reasons beyond our understanding, the popularity of the MatchBookDrive adapter has not reached the levels we expected it to reach early in 2001, and we have reached a decision point that requires us to expand aggressively or liquidate. Because sales volumes have not reached the level we anticipated in January and February of this year, we have chosen to liquidate rather than incur substantial debt that might never be supported through sales. We are pleased to have made a quality product available to Visor owners when no other commercial product was available to fill the need.As there are now alternative products available on the market, we have reluctantly come to the decision that it is time to put MatchBookProducts to bed, so to speak."

MD-001 (long) adapters will sell for as little as $8 and MD-100 (flush) adapters will sell for as little as $20 until they are gone. Hudson noted that MatchBook has only 20 MD-100 adapters in stock, but about 300 MD-001 adapters. Hudson also stated that volume orders would be entertained. MatchBook Products expects to cease operations by August 31, 2001.


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