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New Visor Accessories

Tue Sep 18, 2001 - 7:20 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

VisorCentral reader cjones realized that Handspring didn't just add new Visors too it's lineup; A new Edge stylus was released Monday, and it's probably the most feature filled Edge Stylus yet. Features include a ballpoint pen, a Stylus, and and a reset pin. This all fits right on the side of the Visor Edge. Like previous Handspring pen styluses, the stylus portion pops off and reveals the pen underneath. The new stylus retails at $29.99.

Also worth noting is that Handspring has released a new line of cases. Made for protecting your Visor Deluxe/Platinum/Neo/Pro/Solo and it's accessories, the Module & expansion cases do just that. They are available from $19.99 for a simple Visor and two module case, to a $39.99 case that can hold the Visor, a Stowaway keyboard, and four modules. Click here to visit the Module and & Expansion case page.


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