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Thu Sep 20, 2001 - 6:17 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

I like it when memory get cheaper. :) Buslink, the maker of popular USB and FireWire external hard drives has released a $99 16 MB flash springboard module. The Buslink module is almost $15 dollars less than any current 16 MB module! While this isn't as cheap as springboards like the memplug, or Flashplus+ many people like the all in one design. I contacted Buslink last week for more info, but they never replied so their website is all the info we have.

Nurcombe from the VisorCentral discussion boards, notified me this morning about a new snap on keyboard from Seiko, the ThumBoard. Like TT Tech's Snap'n'Type, the ThumBoard completely covers up the graffiti area. The ThumBoard includes all letters of the alphabet, and a row of function/specialty keys along the top. Unlike other keyboards, the ThumBoard is meant to replace graffiti, and therefore stay on the handheld. The ThumBoard works with the Visor Neo, Pro, Deluxe, Platinum and Solo. It retails for $49.99. and will be available at


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