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Sprint PCS licenses Blazer

Mon Sep 24, 2001 - 12:31 PM EDT - By Marcus Adolfsson

Handspring and Sprint today announced that Sprint PCS has licensed the popular Handspring Blazer web browser software to bring a richer, more compelling browsing experience to Sprint PCS customers using Palm OS-based wireless devices.

Handspring's Blazer browser software will be available on at no additional cost for all existing Sprint PCS customers using Palm OS-based wireless devices starting the end of September.

Initially, the Blazer browser will be available for Sprint PCS customers using the QCP-6035 Sprint PCS Phone by Kyocera, as well as Sprint PCS Wireless Web Palm Connectivity and Adapter Kits for the Palm III or Palm V using Palm OS 3.5 and higher. Blazer will be packaged on a CD-ROM along with the soon to be launched fully integrated, Palm Powered SPH-I300 Sprint PCS Phone by Samsung, as well as the Sprint PCS Wireless Web Digital Link - the first CDMA Springboard module for the Handspring Visor handheld. All future Palm OS-based products offered by Sprint PCS will also take advantage of this agreement with Handspring.

The Handspring Blazer web browser enables wireless Internet access to content in a variety of languages including HTML, WML (WAP) and cHTML. With the Blazer browser, Sprint PCS customers who own a Palm OS-based handheld or fully integrated Palm Powered wireless phone, using Palm OS 3.5 and higher, will have seamless access to virtually any web site on the Internet via the Sprint PCS nationwide network. Customers will have a fuller, more dynamic browsing experience as the browser supports color graphics, bookmarks and personalization and been optimized for enhanced speed and security to support access to secure web sites through encryption technology from Certicom.

"Sprint PCS continues to lead the industry with the richest, most diverse set of content sites available on the Sprint PCS Wireless Web. We are pleased to extend this leadership through our agreement with Handspring to offer the popular Blazer browser to Sprint PCS customers using Palm OS-based wireless devices," said John Yuzdepski, vice president and general manager, "Not only will the Blazer browser allow our customers to access virtually any Internet site via the Sprint PCS nationwide network, it will provide a richer, fuller and more compelling browsing experience than is typically available on a PDA device. This enhanced browsing experience widens the appeal and productivity benefits for customers using Palm Powered devices to help manage their personal and professional lives."

Ed Colligan, COO of Handspring said, "This agreement is a critical step forward in establishing Blazer as the standard for Internet access on Palm OS-based handheld computers and personal communicators. We are excited about working with proven industry leaders like Sprint PCS that share our vision and have the expertise and innovative spirit necessary to make enhanced wireless web services available to a growing number of customers."

Initially, a select number of Sprint PCS Internet content partner sites will be available in color HTML formats on the Sprint PCS Wireless Web for customers using the Blazer browser on a Palm OS-based handheld computer or fully integrated Sprint PCS Palm Powered phone. Sprint PCS will continue to work with its Wireless Web content partners to render remaining sites from WAP into HTML to ensure a fuller, richer and more graphical format is available for the all sites available through the Sprint PCS Wireless Web. Customers can simply type in the url to go to virtually any Internet site.


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