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Module Madness

Tue Oct 2, 2001 - 12:34 PM EDT - By Marcus Adolfsson

Today Handspring is launching a promotion called Module Madness. Ten
developers are offering a 20 percent instant rebate on 23 different
Springboard modules on PalmGear. The promotion
will last until November 6, 2001. The Springboard developers
participating and the modules offered in the promotion include:
  • Arkon: Arkon Parafone

  • Card Access: ThinModem and ThinModem Plus Springboard modules

  • Franklin Electronics: Physician's Desk Reference, Harrison Principals
    Internal Medicine, Handbook of Adverse Drug Interactions, and the
    Washington Manual Springboard modules

  • Hagiwara: Backup and 8MB Flash Module, 16MB Flash Module, 8MB Flash
    Module and the Stepkeeper Springboard modules

  • Infinity Softworks: powerOne Graph Calculator and powerOne Finance
    Calculator modules

  • Innogear: MiniJam MP3 Player and Innopak 2V modules

  • Karrier Communications: Intelligolf Springboard module

  • PalmTop: V-Rally

  • Pocket Express; Entertainment Pack, Pocket Recipes, Pocket Chess, and
    dbNow Springboard modules

  • Xircom: Wireless Ethernet Module and SpringPort 56K Modem module


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