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iambic Office suite

Wed Oct 3, 2001 - 9:12 PM EDT - By James Hromadka

iambic has released iambic Office, a suite of applications for the Palm operating system that features a spreadsheet, word processor, and email application in one package.

Here are the applications in iambic office:
  • TinySheet™ (now featuring TinyChart™) - This full-featured spreadsheet software with Microsoft Excel-like capabilities lets you take your spreadsheets with you or create new ones on the move. It can be used for anything ranging from simple tasks like keeping lists to making highly sophisticated financial calculations and comparisons. TinySheet also provides direct and seamless synchronization of Excel, CSV, tab-delimited, and HTML files. And with the added power of TinyChart, you can view all of your TinySheet data graphically, even in 3-D!
  • iambic® Mail - Used in conjunction with your Palm Powered handheld and a Palm Modem, or with a wireless/Internet-enabled Palm device, iambic Mail lets you download, read and respond to e-mails directly to and from your handheld device. In addition, with iambic mail you can view your Word and Excel email attachments on the go anywhere, anytime!
  • Fast Writer™ - This feature-rich word processing software supports Microsoft Word documents, as well as text, RTF, HTML files, DOC formatted files and web pages for your handheld. Fast Writer allows you to synchronize documents directly from your PC to your handheld device so you can access, read and edit them with sophisticated formatting and editing tools while you are on the go!
iambic Office is now available for $39.95. I saw no mention of Mac compatibility at iambic's website.


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