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VisorAdventure 2

Wed Oct 10, 2001 - 8:05 PM EDT - By Alan Graham

Auction Update / VisorAdventure 2

Thanks to everyone who purchased items from the VisorAdventure auctions. I finally got everything out the door and shipped. If you haven't received your item please let me know at [email protected] or call me at 540 885 9725. I apologize for any delays, but things have been hectic with resuming a normal life (translation: going back to work). After I ran the first charity auction, ThinkOutside contacted me and donated an additional 10 keyboards for the cause. You can bid on them here:

A fair price and everything goes towards a good cause.


I've begun to contact some of the prize winners each day. If you are on the list, don't worry, I'll be in touch soon. If I already contacted you but you have questions, please drop me a line.

VisorAdventure Part Deux

We were on a tight budget during the trip, and unfortunately that budget was used up while we headed home. I said I wanted to complete the trip at a later date and I meant that. We can't complete the whole trip (due to $$$), but we will be able to do the New York and Washington DC appearances soon. Currently I am putting together some of my own Visor gear which I will auction on eBay. Those proceeds will go towards getting us there. I know many of you were disappointed that you couldn't meet with us and take part in the trip. Well, you will soon get your chance. I'll be checking the calendar and we'll hit the road before the end of the year. I hope all of you can come out and participate.

JVC Digital Video Camera

Visor Edge and Case

Nexian GPS Pro

Best, Alan


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