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Handspring Doesn't Have a Handle Just Yet

Mon Oct 18, 1999 - 2:54 PM EDT - By Mike Lee

What is in the Future?

What Is In The Future?

Handspring seems to be doing a little bit better this week than it was doing last week. It is not known whether a phoenix will rise out of the ashes and if Handspring will reacquire the public image it had when its products were first launched. The hurdles Handspring has run into have not done anything positive for sales and have not been good for publicity. Things do seem do be improving though. Online sales should resume soon and Handspring has improved their phone system. I called their number last night and again today; the hold time was almost nonexistent. Handspring’s website is also constantly being improved. Even though their product is not in the hands of the public, their commitment to developers is very dedicated.

As a side note, the Mac development community still remains unsupported and is invited to "stay tuned in the future." Hopefully Handspring will continue with its philosophy of Macintosh support (the Visor has out of box support for the Macintosh) by making these tools available soon.

Every new company experiences some kind of growing pains and it is not uncommon with a product in high demand to be in short supply. According to Handspring, there are no manufacturing delays and consumers will be receiving their units "four to six weeks from date of order." Handspring has done a commendable job of keeping up with demand and hopefully they can keep the ball rolling.

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