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A Consumer's Perspective

Sun Oct 31, 1999 - 2:54 PM EST - By Mike Lee

First come first served?

I ordered my Visor the first week that I could call Handspring’s toll free number. Handspring said their product would be distributed on a first come first served basis. Curious as to where my Visor was, I decided to call Handspring. After many calls and many different answers (among them, my Visor was in the warehouse and I would get it in four to five days) I just found out this week that my name has been misspelled. The person taking my order did not write down all of the numbers on my credit card. My shipping address was misspelled. All of this occurred and I did not know about it until I called (after many 45-50 minute holding periods) customer service to inquire about my order. I was told I could not use UPS to track my order, and Handspring does not have their online tracking system available to consumers who ordered over the phone. Perhaps I could have spotted this problem weeks ago had I been able to monitor the status of my order. Had I not taken the iniative and called Handspring, it would have been an additional two to three weeks until I would receive some contact from Handspring about my two hundred and forty nine dollar purchase.

As a contributor to Visorcentral, I am dedicated to bringing the good news, and the bad news to the public. Even through all that has happened, I still cannot wait to receive my Visor and use it to the fullest. It is an exciting and revolutionary product; however, hands down, the customer service does not make the grade. The problems I have had to deal with, are inexcusable. Growing pains and lack of available help are one thing, but common courtesy and respect are another issue. No one should have to go through what I have faced.

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