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Invisibility at the Sundance Film Festival

Tue Feb 1, 2000 - 1:10 AM EST - By Douglas Morse


“Download the Sundance 2000 Film Guide onto your Palm handheld.”

I had been everywhere at Sundance. From the demonstration of Apple’s Final Cut Pro to crashing Sundance Channel and BMG parties and to the demonstration of Sony’s High Definition Television. I averaged two films and two parties a day. Then there were the two days of skiing and three or four seminars. I didn’t sleep much.

And yet somehow Palm had flown under the radar. It was on my very last day, twenty minutes before the cab would whisk me away to the airport that my eye caught the yellow flyer laying on the desk of the information booth. “Have all of the screening times, theater locations, party information and more at your fingertips. With one quick beam you’ll have the film guide at your fingertips.”

I had been struggling with schedules and program guides. Both were bulky and sometimes confusing. I even resorted to tearing out pages to lighten my load. I tried to travel simply: cell phone and Visor were all I needed. The Visor with screening times would have been killer.

So just before I left I strolled into the New Media & Technology Center to download the Guide into my Visor. In seconds, the woman beamed me all of the information and it appeared as its own application. They used a stripped down version of the date book with films times on each day. Each screening had a note containing the description of the film. There was also a memo list section that detailed information about tickets, transportation, and special centers. Every piece of information a festival participant needed.

In other words, invaluable.

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