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Students with the Visor

Wed Dec 8, 1999 - 10:42 AM EST - By

The rising number of students with a computer in the house is well over 75%. Schools nationwide have implemented the use of computers and learning software. Children of the nineties are growing up in a very technical world. Although many parents may not recognize the growing need for these technological instruments or tools, the need is still there.

The visor can be the tool that helps students get ahead. In fact I am writing this whole article on my Visor in the car while I am on the way to school. Five minutes ago I finished my geometry homework and wrote an essay for English. The uses for the Visor are limitless. I am not restricted to Math and English. Free software is available that allows me to know when homework is due and help me with Physics.

Programs that have helped me include:

· Graphing calculator found at
· Memo pad found on the Visor.
· The Standard Calculator.
· A special program that keeps track of homework assignments and grades (there is a teachers version too)
· To-do list "Oh yea…I was supposed to mow the lawn."
· Translator applications
· Geography Applications
· Periodical table elements
· Foldable keyboard for you essay-worthy ones available from
· Dictionary from (not released yet)
· Books, books and more books released by various publishers including 

Products and programs that may be included in the future

· Intranet through bluetooth technology. (bluetooth already developed for palm platform for information.
· Text scanner…Scan in Text to the visor to read on the road or use it for citations in a essay or report (god I wish I had one last marking period)
· Speech to text. Put it on the desk while a teacher is writing and explaining notes and assignments. ( I hate writing)
And a lot more…

The Visor is almost as if it was made for students with all the cool colors and the calculating applications. The ease of the Visor makes it simple enough for a sixth grader to understand and write on. If you are worried about breaking it there is some great cases at, although I do not personally have any of them.

Remember... Its Modular!


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