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Counting down to PC Expo 2000

Last Updated Thu Jun 1, 2000 - 10:12 PM EDT - By James Hromadka

PC Expo 2000

During June 27-29 when PC Expo 2000 occurs, you can expect to finally see more information about those fabled Springboard modules than mere press releases. VisorCentral will be on hand at the convention to bring you all of the exciting information, pictures, and anything else we think may interest you.

HandspringPCExpo occurs just after Handspring's IPO, and since the quiet period will be over, there is the possibility of Handspring announcing something big. Even if there isn't anything new coming out of the Handspring camp, that doesn't mean that Jeff and Donna won't have anything interesting to say. Jeff Hawkins will be the keynote speaker the first day of PC Expo, and we'll let you know the highlights of his address.

Card Access, a newcomer to the Springboard module market, will be showing off its Thincom modem module. This is a newly announced module that should give Handspring a run for their money in the modem market.

CUECUE will be on hand, and you can expect a most-likely finished CUE Radio Springboard module being demonstrated. I just hope I can use this to listen to Astros radio broadcasts.

Digital5Digital5 will be talking about its Total Recall digital voice recorder Springboard module. The module allows one to categorize voice items and can even be used outside of the Visor.

Franklin Electronics will most likely be showcasing its medical Springboard module, as well as its time management software.

Glenayre @ccessLinkGlenayre will be showing off its @ctiveLink wireless messaging module, which I personally am really looking forward to seeing. The day that I can get sports scores, check emails, and sync with my desktop will be the day that I don't mind visiting the in-laws!

Global Access will be hopefully showing off a finalized InfoMitt Access pager, as well as the recently announced Memory Access. Their website has removed the information, but hopefully we'll get more for you at the Expo.

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