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MiniJam's Mega-accessories

Wed Sep 13, 2000 - 8:04 PM EDT - By James Hromadka

More Power

Powering the MiniJam

PowerPakPowerPak Extended Playtime battery pack --  This small battery box holds 4 AA batteries and powers the MiniJam directly through the top DC jack of the MiniJam or the Visor cradle connector by using a modular cable that allows you to use either end.  Formal testing hasn't been done yet, but the PowerPak is expected to give you around 15 hours of play.  I asked if the PowerPak could be made to power the Visor alone, and unfortunately the Visor doesn't have the capability for this.  Available in October with a price of <$20, you'll want to have this when you have that BoomBag out at parties.

InnoGear will also be selling an AC Wall Adapter and a cigarette lighter eventually (price/availability TBD).  You can also use Radio Shack's 6V, 300mA AC to DC adapter with the universal plug on the end  (Cat No 273-1758, $8.99) with the adapter plug type "A" (O.D. 2.3mm, I.D. 0.7mm, Cat No 273-1704, $1.99)


SpeedReaderSpeedLoader USB MMC card writer --  Works with MJLoader and all MiniJam-supported third party software.  This provides "ultra fast download speeds" (not sure how fast yet).  This thing, like the MMC, is tiny and looks to be perfect for laptops.  The SpeedLoader will be out by November for <$40.

InnoGear will also be selling additional MMCs at some point on their website.  Now I know why the MiniJam took so long to be released, with all of these accessories that InnoGear has been planning.  We will review each of these as soon as we get our hands on them.


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