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VisorCentral Awards 2000

Last Updated Wed Sep 13, 2000 - 10:20 PM EDT - By VisorCentral Staff

VisorCentral Awards 2000 Introduction

VisorCentral 2000 AwardsIn 1999, word of a new handheld from the makers of the PalmPilot started filtering out, and it was called the Handspring Visor. Now, a year after the Visor's arrival on the scene, it, like the original PalmPilot, has changed the face of the PDA market; now it's important to have a handheld that is both expandable and affordable. Major companies such as Palm and Sony will be releasing handhelds with some sort of expansion slot that allows more customization than memory alone, thanks in part to the example set by the Visor.

After setting the trend for expansion, the Visor also became an innovator by stirring developers into offering a wide variety of products designed to facilitate using the Visor and increase a user's productivity. In order to keep track of these innovations, this year, on the anniversary of the Handspring Visor's arrival in the handheld market, VisorCentral will select the most useful and innovative products released.

The VisorCentral Awards cover everything from carrying cases to styli, and are, as always, part of our attempt to help our readers stay informed about news, products and software that can both help them use the Visor efficiently and enjoy it while doing so. The awards begin on September 8, VisorCentral's birthday; every day a winner from one of the categories below will be announced, finishing with the VisorCentral Product of the Year Award on September 14.

Here are the categories:

There will be a winner and and an Honorable Mention for the second place product in each category. This year's awards come at an exciting time in the Handspring world. Springboard modules that many users have been waiting patiently for are beginning to come out, and it seems that soon, people won't ask which Springboard module you own -- they'll ask you how many!

So let's begin the 2000 VisorCentral Awards!

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