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Last Updated Thu Mar 1, 2001 - 11:55 PM EST - By Marcus Adolfsson


A wide variety of cases will be available to protect the Visor and Geode.

"We have a plastic shell that will completely encase the Visor and Geode - very tight, water-resistant and shock resistant. It will have clear lid and push through buttons," stated Sevy.

Bundled with the Geode is a plastic snap-on cover (similar to the one bundled with the Visor), which clips around the sides of the Visor, offering basic protection while the Geode is plugged in. The Handspring supplied cover doesn't work since the Geode prohibits it from snapping in place.

The Geode will be available this fall from GeoDiscovery's website, PalmGear, and In early 2001 it will also be available in other Handspring channels (ie Best Buy, Staples). A Visor/Geode bundle might be available for the outdoor retail market as well.

What is next for GeoDiscovery?

"Routing data (driving directions) are definitely in the works. Not in our first release, but as a software upgrade to the existing product," Sevy commented.

"Wireless is the next big step. Integrating wireless Internet connectivity with location-based information will make the available information very dynamic," added Snapp .

A detailed review of the Geode and GeoView Mobile software will be available when Geodiscovery are closer to releasing the unit.


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