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My Visor goes to School

Tue Feb 6, 2001 - 11:25 AM EST - By Michael Ducker

Picture of a Visor PlatinumMicheal Ducker, a Junior High student in Minnesota, shares his experience using the Visor in school.

The biggest reason that convinced my parents to finally get me a Visor, was that I could use it for school. When I got my Visor Platinum on Christmas, I told myself that I would wait at least until February before I started using my Visor in school. I simply did not want to get it stolen. HA! Neither of those things happened. After two weeks of winter break, boy, was I ready to show it off, and use it.

Before I got it, I thought I would use it to, A) Take notes, B) Play games :-), and C) Use it to organize myself. I ended up doing that, and more.

This article will be about my experience of using my Visor in school, and what people thought of it. I will also include software and hardware I think everyone should have, if they are using their Visor at school.

I carry my Visor around in my front pants pocket. Granted that isn't exactly the best place for it, but that's all I have for now. I soon will get a belt clip case for it, so that I can have it more accessible, and more protected. The nice thing about having my Visor in my pocket, is that it's really hard to steal; something that I am worried about being in a large inter-city school.

It's amazing how little people know about Visors, or even Palms. Most people's first reaction was, "What is that?", or, "Is the a Palm Pilot?". I would than go into a long detailed speech, about the Visor, and how the Visor is better than a Palm, and what I can do with it. I would than give demonstrations of Graffiti, and PalmPrint. Another popular question was, "Why did you bring that to school, it's going to get stolen.", my reply? I wouldn't let it happen for my life!

When I use my Visor in class, I take notes, use it as a planner, and type up various things. It is a distraction, but luckily I had gotten the permission to have it from the principal, beforehand. (And I got him to get one too! :-D) There's a large possibility that many schools will ban Visors, for the sake that many people think their just gameboys, (compare $70 to $300, it is NOT a gameboy!).

I've found a use for my Visor in all eight of my classes. At first I was scared to take it out, in classes where my teacher didn't really like me. I figured out, that if before class I showed it to my teacher, and told him about it, that he wouldn't bother me as I try to do my work.

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