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The PC is Dead

Wed Feb 14, 2001 - 10:28 AM EST - By Alan Graham

Part 1: The PC is Dead

Now I am going to say something shocking and even a little disturbing. These are words I never thought would pass these lips and I don't want you to be upset. Larry Ellison's vision of the future was right. The PC as you know it, is dead.

Shhhhh, there there now, I know it's scary.

Handheld sales have doubled in 12 months. PC sales are in a slump. Investors are running around like Chicken Little on crack. To quell investor concerns both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have declared that the PC still has a pulse. Both men recently mentioned that their vision of the future was that the PC would be the heart of your digital world. It will be the link between your handheld, mobile phone, etc. On many levels they are right, however, I see the PC evolving into a digital hub or server that sits in your basement and serves your needs just as any other appliance. But, if home is where the heart is, where is the brain?

You're holding it in your hand. The Visor.

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