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A Thousand Pixels of Light

Mon Feb 26, 2001 - 10:12 AM EST - By Alan Graham

Dot-coms are tanking left and right with no end in site, and all I have to say about it is, Thank (insert your deity here). Now don't get me wrong, losing one's job is a terrible experience. I know this because I have been a victim of dot-com closings so many times that I have started to label all my bank deposits as "Severance" out of habit. However, I'd like to propose this idea, that the constant string of dot-com closings is actually good for both the economy and the handheld sector.

Regardless of all the doom and gloom with the current economy, I believe that the current state of dot-com closings could be a great turnaround for the prosperity of the handheld and wireless market. I want all you dot-com'ers to come on over and join us in the handheld revolution. I mean it, you are welcome to join us in the development of the next stage of computing. But, this time we need to do it right. To ensure we don't duplicate this whole Internet economic fiasco, I have developed a Strategic Transition Recovery Economic Program or S.T.R.E.P., to get the country back on it's feet. I call it "A Thousand Pixels of Light."

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