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Tue Mar 6, 2001 - 10:44 AM EST - By Alan Graham

Being a technology commentator, it is my job to remark on the current state of technology and speculate on the future. Quite often I say things that are controversial and I often get a lot of heat for taking a certain stance. There are times I also may review a product and people feel I may be too critical or picky. So what I thought I would do is sit down and develop some of my own Visor ideas and let people see me for the visionary that I truly am.


The Gambler

Don't you get tired of pulling out your Visor? Isn't it a hassle to dig in your pants pocket, or go for that clip on your belt? Wouldn't it be better if you could just flick your wrist and your Visor automatically expands from your inner arm into your hand? With The Gambler, you have instant access to your Visor in a retractable holder made of high quality, 99.2% commercially pure Titanium.

*Requirements: must shave inner arm area to prevent possible injury.

Visor Hat

The Visor Hat is made from high quality 100% cotton, is washable* and extremely comfortable. The ultimate in leisurely Visor transport, the Visor Hat is the sportsman's best choice for fashionable Visor-Ware. Out of the way, yet always there, the Visor Hat gives you the flexibility and convenience that no other carrying case can deliver.

  • Smooth and slow hinged action

  • Rear hair clip keeps hat from falling forward or possible wind interference.

  • Mechanics constructed of space-age steel springs and plastics, similar to those used on the Apollo missions.

  • Made in the USA

*Must remove Visor prior to washing. Dry-clean only.

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