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Stowaway in school

Thu Mar 22, 2001 - 4:20 PM EST - By Michael Ducker

Simple to Use

p>Michael putting some final touches on this article at lunch. Picture taken by Jack Dickman.I use my Stowaway everyday now - in school, at home, on the bus (I'm even writing this review on it RIGHT NOW!).

It's amazingly simple to use. You unfold it, snap it together, bring out the stand to hold the Visor in, and then plug the Visor in.

Because of the ingenuity in it, the Stowaway won best design for a computer product, from PC Magazine; Beating out the iPaq, and the Apple G4 Cube!

Connecting the Visor to the Stowaway is a little hard to get used to. If you are having trouble, try rotating it in, one side first, and than the other. Turn your Visor on, and you are ready. The angle in which the Stowaway holds the Visor is just perfect. It is easy to read and to use. It's actually so nice, I now read all my Avantgo and eBooks with it, just tapping the down key to get more.

It's a lot easier to read when it's propped up in the Stowaway.

Unfortunately, I wasn't the first to get a Stowaway in my school. I owe that to a friend of mine, who got a Visor after I got mine. He had a job. He could afford it! :) Surprisingly though, he didn't use it much, so most of the school didn't know about it.

When I got my Stowaway, and started using it in every class , people were as shocked by it as then had been by the Visor initially. I had changed my Visor to a "mini-laptop". But it was considered cool.

General note: It's actually surprising how my "gadgets" have been accepted at school, they are considered cool, not geeky like I expected.

Because the Stowaway is such a great keyboard, everyone who had a Visor in my school (about five people) wanted to use it. So like the Omni-remote program, which controls the school's TVs, the Stowaway drivers spread like fire.

Now, three people have Stowaways in my school!

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