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WordSmith 2.0 Preview

Tue Jul 10, 2001 - 5:06 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

As noted by a recent and ongoing VisorCentral poll, WordSmith 2.0 was one of the most popular PCEXPO items.

WordSmith 2.0 includes many improvements, but the coolest one is FineType. FineType brings a proprietary font technology, similar to Microsoft's Cleartype to any color palm (Visor Prism, Palm m505, Sony n710c etc...).

This kind of font technology utilizes anti-aliasing which is making the side pixels lighter color, so they help smooth things out, and Sub pixels. Sub pixels work by only using 1/3 of the pixel. You can get 3 times the horizontal resolution because of this. See this page for more info on how this work.

As an added bonus, WordSmith 2.0 is a free upgrade to all registered users. It will be available by the end of July.

WordSmith 2.0 includes many new features. Some of the most prolific are:

  • Full Bookmark support: Create, Count, hide, Show, and go to
  • WordSmith will now preserve most page layout features
  • Ability to create and view footnotes
  • A enhanced find and replace
  • New security settings let you set a different password for each document
  • Everything that was in WordSmith 1.1, and more.

FineType >>


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