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Rumble Away!

Mon Oct 22, 2001 - 8:17 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

Tech Center Labs, the makers of the award winning Emergency charger and Tale Light released two new springboards recently. They are both based on TaleVibes, which is a driver for hardware supported by many software developers.

The RumbleCard springboard is a vibrating alarm, but can also be used as a rumble pack for TaleVibes enabled games. The RumbleCard Springboard Vibes retails for $19.99, and works with all Visors. A Cobalt Blue colored model (To match the Prism) is also available.

The RumbleCard Springboard BlueBar TaleLight with VIBES for Visor retails for $29.95, and takes the RumbleCard Springboard Vibes, and adds a bright blue LED to it. Click on the Shopping Cart icon on to access these modules.

Tech Center Labs is adding more and more new low cost springboards. If they were able to combine a ChargeCard, a Rumble Card, a TaleLight, and 16 MB Flash memory, it would be a module I would never take out!

Also of note... While playing games with the RumbleCard, why not add a new stylus as well? The Cross MicroPen is a refillable Pen/stylus. It comes in 4 colors, and it is said to fit in the Visor's silo - $15.00


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