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Handspring at Comdex

Thu Nov 1, 2001 - 11:52 PM EST - By James Hromadka

Handspring will be everywhere this year at the Fall Comdex. The company will be giving two enterprise seminars (November 12 & 13) that showcase how Handspring can offer solutions for corporations. The seminars will offer a history of the company and detail real world solutions that have been implemented by using Handspring products.Jeff Hawkins, Chairman and Chief Product Officer of Handspring, will be giving a keynote speech on Tuesday November 13. His topic will be "Handheld Person Communications - A Complete Rethink." Here is the abstract of his speech from the Comdex website:
After decades of false starts, is America finally ready for true handheld wireless? Yes, says Jeff Hawkins, the father of handheld computing - if wireless is really ready to deliver what busy, connected people want: the ability to talk, organize, and connect. Hawkins offers his insider's perspective on the unfulfilled promises and failed technologies that have kept wireless from establishing a global presence. And, with the recent introduction of Handspring's new treo (that combines cell phone, Internet access, and personal organizing capabilities), the visionary Hawkins makes the case that a new generation of easy-to-use, all-in-one products heralds a breakthrough in our acceptance of handheld personal communications.
I still remember his last keynote where Hawkins spoke about smarphones and how they weren't done right. Months later Handspring introduced the VisorPhone. You can bet that Hawkins will be trumpeting the Treo, and why shouldn't he? I personally can't wait to see the device in person. Now if only Handspring would let me help with the beta testing. I need a new phone anyway.

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