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There's something about Extended Systems

Mon Nov 5, 2001 - 7:58 PM EST - By James Hromadka

Enterprise, Enterprise, Enterprise, Enterprise

In my article on Handspring at Comdex, I noted the special seminar on Handspring in the enterprise. Now I have a better idea of what I'll be attending. Handspring and Extended Systems, the same company that Palm tried to buy, announced today a "sales and marketing relationship under which the companies plan to train, educate and provide solutions for enterprise customers who are considering mobile device deployment." The companies will promote the use of Extended Systems' mobile data and device management software with Handspring devices. This solution will be primarily targeted towards corporate customers.

What solution? I'll let the press release tell you:
Utilizing Extended Systems' XTNDConnect Server, mobile devices such as the Treo and Visor can connect and exchange data directly with company groupware servers or ODBC-compliant databases. The software will enable mobile workers to utilize Handspring devices as a true extension of their desktop, allowing them to access, update and synchronize e-mail, agendas and contacts, as well as run custom applications in wired and/or wireless environments.
The seminar at Comdex will feature this technology. Palm and Handspring seem to be attempting to one-up each other's strategies in recent months. What will Palm's response be?


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