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Is that a PDA on your wrist?

Tue Nov 20, 2001 - 9:42 PM EST - By Marcus Adolfsson, Michael Ducker

Fossil recently introduced the Wrist PDA – a stylish wrist watch that lets you download and store important personal data from your Visor using infrared beaming.

The Wrist PDA features an unprecedented memory capacity (for a watch)that allows you to download and store information such as addresses, date book, memos, and to do lists. The watch’s built-in applications provide read-only capability and can store a maximum of any one of the following items in the 190KB of available memory:

- 1,100 contacts
- 800 different appointments
- 5,000 to do’s
- 350 memos

Users access their data through easy to use drop-down menus navigated by a four-direction button on the watch. Users can also receive up to twenty business cards beamed from handhelds or other Wrist PDA watches.

"The Wrist PDA devices give the approximately 17.5 million handheld users around the world the freedom to take their information anywhere they go making their data wearable," said Donald Brewer, vice president of technology, Fossil Inc.

Best of all, Wrist PDA's cutting-edge technology comes wrapped in a stylish yet rugged wristwatch-style design that's ideal for anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle.

The watch will be available in early 2002 at department and specialty stores, FOSSIL retail stores and on the Company’s web-site and will have a suggested retail price of $145.

Michael's Comments

This watch actually was showcased in the Palm Pavilion at COMDEX, and I wasn't too impressed, but I wasn't disappointed.

The watch is rather big, yet with it's silver and black design, it looks cool. I myself was partial to a prototype they had on display which was more black but.

The screen is very small, but it is pretty high res so it makes it easy to read. Unluckily I wasn't very interested in it ;), so I didn't talk much more about it. One thing of note: there will be two separate versions of the watch, one for PocketPC, and one for Palm. The PocketPC 2002 devices will work with the Palm one, where as Palm devices will not be compatible with the PPC one.


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