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Assorted News

Tue Dec 4, 2001 - 6:26 PM EST - By Marcus Adolfsson, Michael Ducker

Iambic released a new version of Action Names DateBook.Version 5.0 offers more than thirty new features and productivity enhancements that enable users to get more out of their Visors.

New features include multi-line displays, smartphone dialer (for VP and Treo users), contact history, high-resolution support, and additional color modes.

Landware is having a Christmas sale on the GoType! Pro Keyboard. During the holiday shopping season, you can now purchase the Handspring Visor series GoType! keyboard for just $49.95 (a saving of $20) !

Chapura released an update to their Microsoft Outlook synchronization software-PocketMirror 3.1 Standard and PocketMirror 3.1 Professional. Both PocketMirror 3.1 updates offer refinements that will make users' lives easier and their handhelds even more effective.

In addition to the changes made to PocketMirror 3.1 Standard, enhancements to PocketMirror 3.1 Professional involve the elimination of steps from the category linking process, making it easier to map any Outlook folder, including subfolders and public company folders, to any category on a Palm-powered handheld. This efficient synchronization of data offers handheld owners greater convenience and productivity by giving them portable access to important information.

Additional updates include the ability to use the Chapura Calendar tosynchronize personal and corporate calendar categories-a feature not supported by the Palm OS Datebook-and an updated version of the user interface.

Current PocketMirror customers may update to version 3.1 for free. For first-time customers, PocketMirror 3.1 Standard costs $39.95, and PocketMirror 3.1 Professional costs $49.95. For current PocketMirror Standard customers to upgrade to PocketMirror 3.1 Professional, it costs $24.95.

MarcoSoft has released brand new maps for the Map Companion (software for the Magellan GPS module) which now also cover some of the newly built up areas across the US (for instance: Las Vegas). In total they now have 30,000 individual map files.

Creative Creek has released a new software calculator, RootM, which turns the Visor into a full featured complex number calculator. All the Creative Creek's calculators are designed in the for engineering, financial, and scientific professionals who demand accurate and reliable results. The product is available for US$24.95.

A new product has started showing up in Best Buy stores nationwide as reported on the VisorCentral discussion baords. The product, a lighted stylus is made by a company called Saitek. It comes with 3 heads that can screw on the top so that it can fit in the Visor's or Palm III silo. Available for $9.95, it has a reset pin built in.

The DataQuake springboard module which was currently only available from Palmgear at $99 (for 16 MB) is now available from Innogear. The 16 MB module is $79.99, and the 8 MB module is $59.99. Innogear is also throwing in a free Innopak 2/V. PalmGear has recently price matched Innogear, but they do not have the free offer with it.

Otter Products, LLC - makers of the extremly affordable and waterproof Otterboxes released a new line of cases recently. The Armor by Otter Box is a water-proof, crush-proof case with a work through cover. The case is sold in four colors, and has normal, handstrap and beltclip models. It is available at $69-$79 for the Visor Edge, and Visor Solo/Deluxe/Platinum/Neo/Pro.

VisorCentral member, mdatl recently got a responce from a request he made of Targus. Available now on his website is a full comparison of the new Targus Handcam module to the eyemodule 1 and 2, and to the Kodak PalmPix camera. Pretty intresting stuff there - the Handcam has three resolution modes and can save in the BMP format!

STNE Corp is now offering great incentives on Memory Upgrades. Buy a 16Mb memory upgrade for your Handspring Edge, Platinum, or Prism and get 10% off. This is a time limited holiday special - so don't delay!


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