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Visor Edge Stowaway Keyboard

Fri Dec 7, 2001 - 4:45 PM EST - By Michael Ducker

Think Outside is quietly and finally rolling out the Visor Edge Stowaway keyboards. The Stowaway keyboard, sold in retail by Targus, is a very innovative and unique fold up keyboard for people on the go. The Visor Edge version of the keyboard has been in development for almost 6 months, and was originally slated for a early fall release. While it is exclusively available online at Think Outside's store, it will not be in retail before Christmas.

Many people on VisorCentral, in frustration of not having a keyboard for their Visor Edge, have designed and built their own working adaptors for the GoType, and Stowaway. The instructions for the Stowaway adapter are available here, where the GoType adapter was just announced here.

Recently Think Outside created their own online presence to sell their products - like the Visor Edge keyboard - at $99. But for only $5 more you can get a Super Software Bundle. Available for both the Visor, and the Visor Edge Stowaway, the Super Software bundle consists of a Stowaway keyboard, a genuine leather case, a full version of WordSmith (an excellent word processor), and Printboy (which is a program to IR print your documents from your PDA). This bundle bought separately would normally cost you a little over $150, but is available here for $104.


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