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WordSmith 2.1.2 Released

Fri Dec 14, 2001 - 4:28 PM EST - By James Hromadka

Blue NomadBlue Nomad has released version 2.1.2 of its WordSmith word processing application for the Palm operating system. New features include:
  • Virtual File System (VFS) or Memory Card Support
  • Spell Checker. Integrated spell checker from DDH Software comes with 2 dictionaries, large and small
  • Thesaurus. Integrated thesaurus from DDH Software utilizes the same dictionaries as the spell checker.
  • The Mac desktop application has been carbonized and runs natively under Mac OS X
  • FineType Manager is now available, allowing users to delete, beam and preview FineType fonts on the handheld
  • Auto-Save capability
  • Enhancements to View mode. Take-A-Break feature is now available in View mode all of the time and dragging on the far left side of the screen will always do a drag scroll, which is a good way to stop an auto-scroll.
  • Main-screen UI Enhancements. Now you can easily determine which documents are plain text, password protected, uncompressed and WordSmith Docs. Here is how: (P) for plain documents, padlock for protected documents and [W] for WordSmith rich text documents. In addition, uncompressed documents now have a dotted line around the document's size. If you tap on the size, WordSmith will automatically compress the document if it is less than 4k. If the doc is larger than 4k, WordSmith tells you how long it will take to compress and asks if you want to continue.
  • - Misc. enhancements. Replace All's performance has been enhanced and Go To Previous now remembers the last 50 locations instead of the last 10
This update is free to all registered users of WordSmith. New users can register the product for $29.95.


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