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Beta of Palm Desktop for Mac OS X released

Thu Dec 27, 2001 - 8:48 PM EST - By James Hromadka

icons for OS XMac OS X users rejoice! Palm has finally released Palm Desktop for OS X, albeit in beta form, for Mac OS X 10.1. Users must fill out a form to get the software, and the FTP site has been maxed out for most of the day, so be patient or find a mirror site like I did.

To answer the big question, Palm Desktop 4.0b76 for OS X does indeed work with the Handspring Visor, or at least the Visor Prism. Now it's time to start pestering AvantGo and the like about updated conduits for Mac OS X. I'm sure one of our readers will make a PowerBook+Visor icon to replace the Palm V as well.

I've received some additional information from Palm on the beta. Turns out it was meant to be an employee beta; a true public beta will be released in January and will be more suited to mass downloads. This explains why parts of the site (namely the FAQ on OS X support) have not yet been updated. It is also important to register for the beta as Palm uses this information to gauge demand. The email that was sent to beta testers has an incorrect link for public feedback. Click here to send Palm feedback on the beta.

Happy downloading, and be sure to post your experiences with the software here.


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