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Thu Dec 27, 2001 - 7:47 PM EST - By Mark Pierson

Pumatech to discontinue as of January 15, 2002.

This is from an email I received today:


IMPORTANT Announcement for Users

The slower-than-anticipated market adoption of consumer-based wireless services like (wholly owned by Pumatech, Inc.) has forced Pumatech to re-evaluate its strategy in providing such services.


Effective immediately, we will no longer be accepting new registrations, and effective January 15, 2002, the service will no longer be operational.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support of, and want to inform you of additional options and services from Pumatech that you can take advantage of:

Mind-it® Users

Individual users of Mind-it® can now take advantage of Pumatech's new Mind-it service at Users wishing to sign up for this new service can do so at Pumatech's Web Store for an annual fee of $19.95.

This new service will allow users to:

Monitor any Web page on the Internet for specific changes such as:
- overall page updates
- keyword changes
- number changes
- specific text changes

Receive alerts on these changes, sent to the device of their choice:
- desktop email account (i.e., Outlook)
- online email account (i.e., Yahoo!)
- mobile phone
- pager



Webmasters interested in offering the Mind-it service to their customers can do so with the Mind-it for Webmasters service. By taking advantage of this service, Webmasters can place "Mind-it buttons" on their Web pages, allowing their end-users to easily track when changes are made to individual pages.

Bring visitors back to your site over and over again. The Mind-it for Webmasters service is offered at tiered pricing levels to suit your needs:

Bronze at $49.95/annual: allows one button per site (i.e., on a home page or press release page)

Silver at $99.95/annual: allows up to 5 buttons per site

Gold at $595/annual: allows unlimited buttons per site


Browse-it™ Users

Pumatech no longer offers a consumer-focused Browse-it service, but will continue to license this technology to carriers, ISPs, and enterprises wishing to deploy mobile Web browsing to their customers and employees.

Click here to learn how enterprise customers can utilize our Browse-it solution to enable employee access to Web-based information from PalmTM and Pocket PC devices.


Sync-it Users

Pumatech no longer offers a consumer focused Sync-it service, but will continue to license this technology to carriers, ISPs, and enterprises wishing to deploy multi-point, highly scalable PIM synchronization solutions to their customers and employees.

Sync-it users should note that after January 15th, 2002, their stored PIM data will no longer be accessible for synchronization, and all user data will be purged from the database. To ensure mobile device and desktop data is up-to-date, users will need to perform a final synchronization, and then uninstall the software from all desktops and mobile devices. At this point the data stored on the device and/or desktop becomes the data of record.

End-users seeking a software solution to perform synchronization between a PDA and desktop application should visit our Pumatech Web site to learn more about our Intellisync® desktop product.

Enterprise customers who are looking for a corporate synchronization solution should visit our Enterprise Solutions section to discover how Pumatech makes the "real-time enterprise" a reality.


Again, we would like to thank you for your support of the service, and we apologize for any inconvenience this deactivation may cause you.


Pumatech, Inc.



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