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Weekend Mailbag #4

Fri Jan 4, 2002 - 10:47 PM EST - By Michael Ducker

The parade of Treo reviews has started - Today, PC Magazine gave the Treo 4 out of 5 stars, the main problem noted by them is lack of expandability.

It is interesting to note that the speakerphone feature of the Treo was "Impressive" for them; While at Comdex when we were demoed the Treo, it was disappointing - good to know Handspring has improved it. Overall it was positive, and the Treo was given one of the highest ratings that PC Mag. have given a Handspring PDA before, or shall I say communicator ;).

TDS_Computer noticed that Handspring now has refurbished Visor Prism's available for $249, $50 off what they retail. Handspring also offers refurbished Visor Deluxe's for $99. Supposedly at some stores like Target people are finding the Deluxe on sale around that price or a bit higher.

PDAlive is reporting that Belkin will release a new $49 snap on thumb keyboard for the Visor. It will be available by the end of the month; other models will be available for the iPaq and the palm universal connector.

Update: MarkEagle found the press release for the Belkin keyboard and he has noted that it looks almost exactly the same as the SnapNType, abit $10 more expensive. It will be available on Jan 28th.

For those who are interested, it appears that the Targus Handcam's internals are made by a company called Xirlink, the model being the xvp-69 dual mode imaging device. Thanks to c-u-n-maui for opening up the Handcam and figuring it out. For reference, the xvp-69 can have up to 4 MB of onboard memory, not just 2 MB.

I hope to receive my review unit of the Handcam next week, I'll try to get that review written fast. Keep sending news and other items of interest to us at [email protected] Alas, school starts again Monday so I won't be able to keep up as much with the news - I can't wait to see what Apple comes out with! It's been rumored that it could be a PDA... I'm sure James is just as excited as I am ;)


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