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12 days of Christmas Contest

Sun Jan 6, 2002 - 7:58 PM EST - By Marcus Adolfsson

Over sixty items were given away during VisorCentral's "12 Days of Christmas" Giveaway prize list - including a Handspring Treo and several HandyGPS Pro modules, Stowaway keyboards, Data Quake modules, Thinmodems and much more!

Below is the final winners list.

Prize List

Dec 13th
(1) MiniJam
(2) Innopaks
(1) MPIO MP3 Player

Donated by Innogear

MiniJam - rmirasol
Innopaks - elox, louisw
MPIO MP3 Player - creeve
Dec 14th
(1) powerOne Finance module
(1) powerOne Graph module
(1) powerOne Finance CD
(1) powerOne Graph CD

Donated by Infinity Softworks

Finance module - montana_skiier
Graph module - volcanopele
Finance CD - rcp1974
Graph CD - BobK
Dec 15th
(2) Quick Office
(2) BugMe!
(1) HandDbase
(1) PrintBoy
(1) FilePoint
(1) PDA Secure

Donated by Cutting Edge Software

Quick Office -gringuito, mattp
BugMe! - metro7i, mhollenbeck
HandDbase - disciple7
PrintBoy - mensachicken
FilePoint - andyland
PDA Secure - ben huntley
Dec 16th
(4) Emergency Charger

Donated by Tech Center Labs

Emergency Charger - kypdurron, moe, palmskywalker, putty
Dec 17th
(5) WordSmith

Donated by Blue Nomad

WordSmith - liamrb, David Hasselbacher, beej, euangel, Vertigo
Dec 18th
(2) Thinmodem Plus (2) Thinmodem

Donated by Card Access

Thinmodem Plus - docscully, tpelle2 Thinmodem - mcsmiley, bsgolob
Dec 19th
(10) PDA Secure

Donated by Trust Digital

PDA Secure - skydog, jiro, buttared, Ritchierichster, acajigas, joe, embryoconcepts, narnia_77, swharton, pacholik
Dec 20th
(5) Backup Buddy

Donated by Blue Nomad

Backup Buddy - percevlaus, SciJohn, raymondg, dhorwich, vhannon
Dec 21th
(4) Data Quake 16MB Module

Donated by Pogo Products

Data Quake 16MB Module - metzner, MichaelSimon87, flips13, timwool
Dec 22th
(4) Stowaway Keyboards

Donated by Think Outside

Stowaway Keyboards - pkrueger, palm springsboard, derekhelt, hkyslif
Dec 23th
(3) HandyGPS Pro

Donated by Nexian

Nexian Handy GPS Pro- wayne, buttared, Toby
Dec 24th
Grand Prizes
(1) Handspring Treo 180
(1) Visor Deluxe, Data Quake module, and case kit from Krussel
(1) SmartPad 2

Donated by VisorCentral, Seiko Instruments, Krusell

Handspring Treo 180 - dietrichbohn
Visor Deluxe, Data Quake module, and case kit from Krussel - suncor
SmartPad 2 - kkozoriz


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