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First Memory Stick module for Visor shipping

Tue Jan 29, 2002 - 12:30 PM EST - By Marcus Adolfsson

Following the successful launches of MemPlug Smart Media and Compact Flash Memory Springboard modules, Portable Innovation Technology today announced the availability of the MemPlug Memory Stick (MemPlug MS) adaptor.

The MemPlug MS is the world's first Memory Stick Springboard module for the Visor that provides up to 128Mbyte storage using a Memory Stick.

"We are excited to see this new device announced by PIT which allows people with Handspring Visors to get direct access to Memory Stick. It not only provides extra memory capability to the handheld computer, but allows easy data exchange with more than 10 million Memory Stick compatible products already in the field," says Masaharu Yanaga, Senior General Manager of Memory Stick Division of Sony Corporation.

"People who use Handspring Visors now have a comprehensive solution for viewing, storing and managing large files on their handheld device," said Patrick Lin, director, Portable Innovation Technology.

"Portable Innovation continues to introduce new solutions for Handspring Visors that allow people to take advantage of many types of expansion technologies using the Springboard expansion slot," said Rita Sharma, business development manager for Handspring. "Portable Innovation originally brought additional expansion opportunities to the Springboard platform with SmartMedia and Compact Flash adaptors, and now people with Visor have the option of utilizing Memory Stick."

The MemPlug Memory Stick gives the popular Handspring Visor handheld computer a new dimension of versatility and reliability by giving it full Memory Stick compatibility. The new product is the latest in a lengthening list of Memory Stick adapters, connectors and other peripherals that are making the medium an industry standard. MemPlug MS was shown in the Memory Stick Pavilion at COMDEX Fall 2001.

The first commercially available Memory Stick Handspring Springboard module, the MemPlug Memory Stick Adaptor comes with seven built-in applications. By increasing the Handspring Visor's memory by hundreds of megabytes, MemPlug and its integrated application programs give Handspring Visor models vastly increased performance.

With MemPlug, users can view JPEG images recorded on a compatible digital camera and directly execute Palm read-only applications and databases stored on a Memory Stick. This new product allows virtually instant memory backup at the touch of button, easy Memory Stick formatting, reading of entire e-books and playing of up to one hour of 16-bit gMovie color video using a 128MB Memory Stick.

By making maximum use of Memory Stick's huge potential, Portable Innovation Technology is setting a new trend in application-oriented products while giving Visors the capability to utilize Memory Stick. Shipments of the MemPlug Memory Stick Adaptor are available now on PalmGear. For local availability and additional information, please access Portable Innovation Technology's special MemPlug website. The suggested retail price of MemPlug Memory Stick is $69.95USD

MemPlug Memory Stick Adaptor

The MemPlug Memory Stick Adaptor Springboard module includes seven self-installing applications and registered gMovie Maker software: PiPrefs-enables quick or full formatting for the Memory Stick card and manages other preferences. PiMover-enables complete file management for the removable Memory Stick and can create up to 25 levels of sub-directories to manage files on the Memory Stick.

PiBackup - enables the backup and restoration of applications and data to and from the Memory Stick.

PiViewer - enables direct decoding and viewing of JPEG images from Memory Sticks in 16-bit color or 16 gray-scale displays.

PiDirect (evaluation copy only) - enables direct access of Palm applications and read-only databases stored on Memory Sticks. PiDirect is sold separately. PiDirect works with Visors with Palm OS 3.5 or above.

gMovie Player - allows the playback of 16-bit color video, animation or still images stored on the Memory Stick.

Movie Maker - enables the easy creation of video, animation or still images.

CspotRun - enables direct viewing of documents stored on the Memory Stick.


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