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Treo deals and leaks

Tue Mar 5, 2002 - 5:38 PM EST - By Michael Ducker

Today two VisorCentral users noticed to great things going on at

The first is that if you buy a Treo for $399 (or any other cellphone that offers) and activate it through at a service plan of more than $29.95 a month, they will give you a $100 gift certificate to

This means that for the same price as an activated Treo, you can get a Treo plus multiple accesories. Yeah you could use the $100 to buy a DVD player or something, but outfitting your new gadget is more fun eh? (jackson40)

Next, for everyone who loves the cradle and finds that cables can sometimes be annoying, Amazon has product pages set up for a new USB Treo charging/syncing cradle. No pictures are available, but it is a steep $49.99. (ginmtb)

Also leaked is a new beltclip hoslter case for the Treo. These will most likely be officially available within two weeks.


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