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Several Mac OS X conduits available

Thu Mar 7, 2002 - 6:19 PM EST - By James Hromadka

X marks the spot

If you are a Mac OS X user with a Palm-compatible handheld computer, you probably check Apple's Palm Desktop X page almost as often as you check Software Update because Apple has a listing of some OS X conduits in development. Here is a current listing:
Backup Buddy — Currently in development
Documents to Go — Currently in development
FastTrack Schedule — Available first quarter of 2002
FileMaker Mobile — Currently in development
Meetingmaker — Available first quarter of 2002
Now Up-to-Date & Contact — Public beta available now
Palm Synch for Office v. X — Coming Soon
Personal Organizer — Download today
PocketQuicken — Public beta available now
SplashID — Public beta available now
SplashMoney — Public beta available now
SplashPhoto — Public beta available now
SplashShopper — Available January 2002
TimeSync — Public beta available now
WordSmith — Public beta available now
AvantGo is glaringly absent from that list. Doing a quick check, I couldn't even find anything at AvantGo's website even mentioning Mac OS X, so it could be a long wait. If you know some AvantGo alternatives that work with Mac OS X, post them using the discussion link to the right.


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